Toptal Application Article

I have been working as a Java Developer for about 3 and half years. I am passionate on sharing my skills and working with great people around.  Before moving to US for my higher studies of Masters in Computer Science, I worked as a software engineer in one of the company in my home country Nepal. Now, it has been around a year since I started working as a Java Developer in my current company here in US.


Throughout this working experience, I have been involved in building leading-edge applications and systems tailored to meet and exceed client expectations. In my day to day work, I mainly use Java SE as well as EE technologies including Java Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate and EJB in middle tier. I have good experience of working with web technologies mainly AngularJS, Angular 2, AngularFire1/2, Bootstraps, CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.  In backend, I have experience of working with MySql, SQL and MongoDB.  I also have prior experience of working with Groovy and Grails.


I was very aware of freelancing but had not joined/applied to any group. Nowadays, I’m more interested in working with new people and sharing my ideas with more people besides working on day to day job on company.  And I came to know that freelancing is one of the best platforms. So, I did research about it. I knew there is as one of the site. But because of tough screening process, I easily made decision to apply to I have faced many interviews and my experience says that tough selection process segregates the fake candidates. That is also another reason why I choose toptal.


I read many articles from toptal. But I was unaware that we can apply and work as a freelancer. I believe if I got opportunity to work in Software Enginner Group in toptal, I would contribute as much as I can. At the same time, this opportunity will take my career to the next level. In fact, I am also writing my ideas at in free time I got. I would be happy to share my work in github also.

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