Top 10 Popular Programming Languages

All the software applications that we have in your electronics devices, whether it be laptop, tablet, pablet or mobile devices, are written using some programming languages. Here, we've listed the top 10 programming languages ranked on the basis of their popularity. The list presented here is based on the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index which they create by analyzing how often particular programming language tutorials are searched on Google.

Worldwide Comparison
Rank Language Share
1 Java 24.1%
2 Python 12.1%
3 PHP 10.6%
4 C# 8.8%
5 C++ 7.5%
6 C 7.4%
7 Javascript 7.4%
8 Objective C 5%
9 R 3%
10 Swift 3%

source: PYPL

In order to analyze the popularity for long term, lets look at the graph below:

popular programming languagesThe flat curve for Java shows that it is the most popular language  Worldwide and it is in Rank #1 since 2004.

PHP had almost same popularity for a decade but now it looks like Python is taking its place. Python grew the most in the last 5 years (5.8%). On the other hand, PHP lost the most (-4.9%). In UK, Python is the most popular programming language.

Languages like C, C++ and C# have the almost same popularity over the decade.

R Programming has continuous increase in it's popularity.

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